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Feel safe wherever you are! The DEZYBAND™ (patent pending) is a highly functional sanitiser dispenser in the form of a wristband. You will love its design, comfort of use and unparallel effectiveness. This stylish accessory will help you to fight viruses and bacteria more effectively, wherever and whenever you need it.


DEZYBAND is a convenient sanitiser dispenser in the form of a wristband. You no longer have to worry about protection against bacteria and viruses – you always have it with you.

Easy to use

Filling up and, above all, dispensing the sanitizer gel is extremely easy. Simply press the DEZYBAND to dispense the right amount of gel onto your hand.

Fashionable design

The DEZYBAND wristband is a handy and stylish accessory. The elegant shape, great design and large selection of colors make these wristbands look great on your hand.


The DEZYBAND is a lightweight stylish bracelet, made of 100% premium silicone.


Protection against bacteria and viruses

Adjustable band

Easy to use

Stylish design


DEZYBAND – full protection and comfort

Hand disinfection is a must these days, and with the DEZYBAND you can do it with ease, wherever you are.

The narrow band with a delicate design looks great on the wrist and makes a great addition to any outfit. Made of durable material, it allows the user to squeeze the sanitiser directly onto the hand at any time. DEZYBAND is a useful and convenient gadget, which increases your safety on a daily basis in a hygienic way.

Practical solution

With DEZYBAND, you don’t have to constantly look for the sanitizer in your pockets or purse. The container in the band is easy to fill up through the same opening from which the gel is later squeezed out onto your hand.

Guaranteed Convenience

The DEZYBAND provides a hygienic and safe way to apply the right amount of sanitizer directly onto your hand. Simply press gently on the top to protect yourself from bacteria and viruses in a public place.

Excellent quality

The band is made of safe and durable silicone that is plastic-free and BPA FREE certified. The DEZYBAND also feels nice on the skin so you can wear it comfortably every day.



Easy and effective disinfection

Greater protection against bacteria

Safety every step of the way

Choose options

DEZYBAND – feel safe everywhere you go

You will never forget to take your sanitiser with you again, because with the DEZYBAND you always have it on you.

The second model of the DEZYBAND is distinguished by its watch-like shape. The band is made of safe silicone that is nice to the touch. It is available in several colors. With the DEZYBAND, no matter where you are, you can easily use a sanitiser to get rid of bacteria and viruses on your hands.

Easy fill up

The lid on the back of the DEZYBAND provides easy access to the sanitizer container. Because the opening is fairly large, filling it up with sanitizer gel is really easy.


The DEZYBAND can be refilled again and again with sanitizer gel as well as with other products such as mosquito repellent or sun cream. Thanks to the use of very durable, certified silicone, it can be of use to you for a long time.

Useful everyday accessory

The DEZYBAND is a great looking wristband gadget that is also very practical. A gentle press is all it takes to quickly disinfect your hands when you need it.


A great product, especially considering the times we live in. The band is very comfortable, so it does not get in the way of performing everyday tasks. But most importantly, it successfully fulfills its purpose and provides access to your sanitizer whether at work, out shopping or on the bus.

A very useful little gadget, especially for people who keep forgetting about their bottle of disinfectant liquid or those who simply have nowhere to keep it. The band is easy to use, you practically do not feel it on your hand and of course it allows you to protect yourself against bacteria more efficiently.